**This page is for Product Replacement Warranty claims only.**

Screen Protection Warranties

Qmadix offers several types of screen protection products as an added safeguard for your device.  Warranty may vary due to the nature of these products.  Please see details for your product below before processing a Warranty Replacement Claim.

Invisible First-Defense+ NanoGlass / Liquid Glass Screen Protector with Screen Protect+ Replacement Guarantee (also known as Liquid Glass)

Invisible First-Defense+ Liquid Glass-Screen Protector








The Invisible First-Defense+ NanoGlass / Liquid Glass Screen Protector with Screen Protect+Replacement Guarantee is liquid protection that is applied with a moistened towelette to the screen of your device.  It is not a physical piece of film or thin glass.  This product can be purchased with the Screen Protect+ Replacement Guarantee, which is insurance coverage for your devices screen should it get damaged or cracked with this product applied.  This product comes with different coverage amounts and may be sold as a 2-pack or in a combination kit.  It is not device specific.  You must register this product within 30 days of purchase for the coverage to go into effect.  We do not offer any warranty replacement on the actual product itself (liquid applicator).

FILE A CLAIM: If you need to file a claim to repair your devices screen and obtain your insurance reimbursement, please call this number (844) 288-0361

Invisible First-Defense Tempered Glass

Invisible First-Defense

The Invisible First-Defense Tempered Glass offers a higher grade protection from standard film screen protection.  It is an ultra-thin tempered glass that is applied directly on top of your devices screen.  This product falls under our limited lifetime warranty and requests for replacements can be processed on this site.