**This page is for Product Replacement Warranty claims only.**

Steps to Process a Warranty Replacement Claim

Processing a Warranty Replacement Claim can be done in a few easy steps.  In order for us to provide you with the correct product replacement, we'll need some information to process your claim.

Below is an explanation of the drop-down menus on the Warranty Replacement Claim page.  Each field is required and must be completed before you can check out.

Warranty Replacement Claim $6.95 [Claim page]

Device Manufacturer - This is the manufacturer of your mobile, tablet, or computer device utilizing the Qmadix accessory for replacement. 
Device Model - Once you select your manufacturer, an additional drop-down will appear asking for the exact model of your device.  Select "other" if it is not listed and provide additional details. 
Select Product Line (category) of the Defective Item - Select the category of the item you need replacement.
Problem - Please provide additional details on the issue with the defective item.  This helps us with future developments and to investigate any reoccurring issues our customers may be experiencing.
Date of Purchase - Because our products have a limited warranty, we ask you to provide the purchase date.  This information will be cross-referenced against your proof or purchase receipt.
Place of Purchase - Please select the dealer or store of where your purchased our product.
Proof of Purchase (File upload - No larger than 20MB) - Please upload a picture or scanned copy of your receipt.  The receipt must be legible and show the Qmadix product line item, date of purchase, and place of purchase.
Product Image (File upload - No larger than 20MB) - We ask that you provide a picture of the defective/damaged product.  Since we are not asking for the product to be returned, we need to see the actual product for quality control and to help determine the correct product replacement.  If your claim is for a charger, we ask that you include the connector in the photo (end of the charger).

Next click [ADD TO CART]
Verify your answers in Your Cart.  You cannot add additional claims.  Only one claim per transaction is allowed.

Next click [CHECK OUT]
Enter your Contact Information and Shipping Information. 

Next click [Continue to shipping method]
This will default to USPS (7-10 Business Days).  The shipping fee is included in the $6.95 processing fee.

Next click [Continue to payment method]
Enter your Credit or Debit Card information and the corresponding billing address.

Next click [Complete order]
Once your order is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your Warranty Replacement Claim Order.  If for any reason we are unable to process your claim, we will email you for additional information or cancel your claim and refund the $6.95 fee. 

If you do not hear from us, your replacement should arrive within 7-10 business days.